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SuperGarage Sales, Rentals, Workshop for Luxury Cars Marbella, Madrid, Barcelona

At SuperGarage we have a different approach to buying, selling, maintaining, repairing and preparing luxury cars. Located in Marbella we specialize in some of the biggest and most exclusive brands in vehicle history.

With hundreds of luxury vehicles supplied to a diverse customer base in Europe, Asia, USA, Australasia and the Middle East, SuperGarage has become an internationally recognized place for its 5 star car hotel where we keep and care for your high-end car, but also the sale and maintenance of a selection of some of the best cars in the world.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the last 15 years, we have done everything possible to ensure that we can offer an absolutely unmatched service. There is simply no better place than SuperGarage for your luxury car.

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